Freedom Circle Highlight – Andrew Lucas On How Real Estate Helped Him Achieve Freedom & Tackle Coronavirus. 3 PPC Deals in 3 Months!

Today we are diving in with our client Andrew Lucas! His story is inspiring and wholesaling has made a huge impact on his personal life and provided him the freedom to spend more time with his family. His family is safer working from home during Coronavirus because they have complete control of their lives and don’t have to work for someone else’s agenda.


“When coronavirus hit…I cannot fathom life if my life and I had to work outside our home. It would’ve been so impossible.”


Investor: Andrew Lucas

Market: Columbia, SC

While working a full-time hotel manager, Andrew jumped into the real estate game with his first rental property 13 years ago. His original plan was to acquire rentals to build a passive income stream for when he retired many years from now. But, as he became more and more involved in the real estate field, he learned that a lot of investors were making a great living now in real estate and the game wasn’t reserved for old retirees. He learned about wholesaling and started to build that business on the side of his 9-5 job. It didn’t take long for Andrew to leave his job to run his wholesaling business full-time!

In addition, he works a full-time job in the tech industry and loves what he does! Wholesaling is currently meant to be another stream of income for his family. Because of the success of his wholesaling business, his wife was able to quit her job and run the business with him! What an amazing story that proves how wonderful wholesaling can be and enforces why we are such huge fans of it!

 “Wholesaling houses is much more flexible than my previous job. I can work when I want and not work when I don’t want!”

Andrew’s main marketing channel has always been postcards. He currently wholesales, flips and acquires rental properties with his marketing. He runs the business with his wife as well as acquisitions. He has 2 employees to manage the back-end operations. He closed over 40 deals in total in 2019.

The next step for Andrew is to hire an acquisitions manager so he can add even more freedom in his life. PPC is one step forward for Andrew to realize his and his family’s lifestyle dreams! He choose PPC has his next marketing channel because it didn’t take any additional time to manage and the leads are very high quality!

“With the combination of outbound (direct mail) and inbound (ppc) it was a really good yin and yang. And I want to be more prepared if the industry shifts more toward digital versus mailers.”

 3 Deals in 3 Months

Andrew has been active with us since January of 2020. His goal was to close 1 deal per month once the campaign starting gaining momentum. Well, right out of the gate Andrew’s campaign took off! He scored 3 deals in his first 3 months with us and is on track to reach his goals for 2020!

“It’s helped our family immensely become a better form of ourselves. Our family is able to connect better, we are able to be together more, and take vacations more and I’m not attached to someone else’s agenda.”

At the time of this writing, he has closed 2 deals for a total of $15,000 with 1 more under contract! His total ad spend was less than $5,000. So that’s a 3X ROI!!!! Many of our clients have a target of 3-4X ROI on their money and Andrew is no exception.

Andrew’s story is amazing, and is not uncommon among our clients. Quitting their 9-5 to pursue real estate full-time while enjoying immense freedom in their life is a frequent story we hear and we love it! It’s our own story too!!! Maybe it’s your story? Or maybe it’s not yet, but you want it to be?

Think about this…Andrew’s average profit per deal with ppc is currently $7500. He is on track to close 1 deal per month. That’s potentially $90,000 in revenue for the year. Between his ppc ad spend and our fees, he will spend about $30,000 in marketing costs.

That’s a net profit of $60,000 per year with no marketing management!

Profit from his ppc campaign alone is enough to hire an acquisition manager for Andrew to add even more time to his life to do what he wants and spend time with his family! His main bread and butter is postcards and may very well be for 2020 and beyond. But ppc has added an additional revenue stream to his business with virtually no time spent managing it on his end. And the leads are super high quality so there’s minimal time spent talking to tire kickers! Andrew’s story shows that PPC can be a great addition to an already successful business and is a great marketing channel for someone who wants to have more freedom in their life!

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