Freedom Circle Highlight – Clint Bartlett Ditches His Old PPC Agency and Nets $100k+ in 12 months!

Clint is celebrating his 1 year anniversary of starting with Wholesaling PPC! He found us through Tom Krol’s Wholesaling Inc Tribe, as we run ppc for Tom and his tribe! Clint has been doing between 60-70 deals per year consistently in his business and shares his story and experience with ppc. 


“When coronavirus hit…I cannot fathom life if my life and I had to work outside our home. It would’ve been so impossible.”


Investor: Clint Bartlett

Market: Omaha, Nebraska

In this case study Clint will share…

  1. How he got started in real estate
  2. Life after quitting his full-time job
  3. Why he switched to us after using 2 prior ppc agencies
  4. His average profit per deal of PPC vs his other channels
  5. Why Clint is glad he didn’t stop after 4 months
  6. The ppc revenue he has earned since starting with us
  7. Why he started PPC in the first place even though his business was succeeding with direct mail and cold calling

From The Cubicle To Craigslist

Clint was working a full-time cubicle job making a nice income! But, he couldn’t fight the entrepreneurial bug! He made a huge chunk of cash from the sale of his first home. He used those funds to jumpstart his real estate business! He flipped a house with a buddy, made some cash, it was no looking back from there! He started out by buying multiple properties off of Craigslist and FSBOs online. Within a year, he went all-in on cold calling to scale his business! Why does Clint continue to build his business? Well, he has 7 kids to take care of! It doesn’t get more motivating than that!

“The freedom of time has been the biggest change for me.”

Safeguarding His Business

Clint, being very successful already, is in high-level mastermind groups and is always learning from them. Most of them were crushing it with ppc (not surprising) and told him he needed to get into it! So began his ppc journey…

“I’m not technically savvy, so I farmed it out to the best people who know what they are doing and get results.”

An important part of running your business is managing risk. Clint understands that and is another reason why he added PPC to his arsenal. If you are relying on just one marketing channel for your business, you are completely dependent on it. If anything happens to that marketing channel, or it stops performing, you will go out of business very quickly! PPC is a great way to safeguard your business long-term! In the world of marketing, things are always changing. The most successful long-term investors generate deals from multiple marketing channels. 

“”I did not want to be a one trick pony (with marketing). It caused insecurity because if that is not going well, you have no deals.”

Why Wholesaling PPC?

Clint went through two previous agencies over the course of about a year before finding his true partner with Wholesaling PPC. With both of his previous agencies, the costs just kept increasing. They were maxing out his budget every month with no increase in leads or deals for Clint. The weakening performance coupled with high management fees crippled his ROI. He likes Wholesaling PPC because we are fiscally responsible with his money and budget to maximize his ROI. In many months, we aren’t even maxing out his budget, but still providing him huge deals. To summarize, we charged half as much, brought Clint more deals, and spent less of his budget than any of his previous ppc agencies…

“”Our previous ppc agency monthly management fee was double what you charge, and it wasn’t justified. You do business in the right way and deliver results.”

 How Much Money Has Clint Made?

In the first 4 months of his campaign, Clint actually did not get any deals. He initially spent over $5000 with no return. But, on his 5th month, he closed a $30,000 deal which paid for his campaign for the next year! Over the course of the next 8 months, Clint closed another 4 or 5 huge deals! His average profit per deal with PPC stayed over $30,000! Within the first 12 months, Clint grossed over $120,000 in total just from PPC! He spent about $20,000 between ad spend plus our fees. That’s a 6X return on his money and over $100,000 net profit! And Clint did not have to do any management of his marketing!

If you are inspired by Clint’s story and want the same results for your life and business! Schedule a strategy call with us!

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