Freedom Circle Highlight – Vance Courtney Explains Why He Started PPC While Already Crushing It With Direct Mail

Today we are diving in with one of our most enthusiastic clients Vance Courtney! He has been wholesaling for a little over a year and his business has skyrocketed! Vance runs his wholesaling business in Augusta, GA, which is a smaller market of about 500k people. You don’t have to be in a major city to do a lot of wholesale deals folks! We catch up with Vance and learn about why Vance started ppc and how his life has changed since he jumped into wholesaling!

“To be honest, I didn’t expect to get a deal from ppc for 6 months. And I got a deal within the first 30 days.”

Investor: Vance Courtney

Market: Augusta, GA

Vance got started in real estate by acquiring his first rental in November 2018. He realized his 8% ROI wasn’t as good as he hoped and wanted to know where people were sourcing their great deals from. This led him down the wholesaling path and he hasn’t looked back since! He started wholesaling in March 2019.

In addition, he works a full-time job in the tech industry and loves what he does! Wholesaling is currently meant to be another stream of income for his family. Because of the success of his wholesaling business, his wife was able to quit her job and run the business with him! What an amazing story that proves how wonderful wholesaling can be and enforces why we are such huge fans of it!

“Wholesaling has already started to prove what we want, which is that financial freedom and time freedom. We are both able to attend all of our events for our kids and have that mass flexibility while still bringing in revenue.”

Combining PPC & Direct Mail

Vance, like many of our clients, has been crushing it w/ direct mail! In 2019 he completed 30 deals from direct mail alone! 100% of his deals in 2019 were straight wholesales. He runs the business with his wife, acquisitions person, admin, and a cold caller. It was time to add the next marketing channel to expand his business and he was between cold calling and pay-per-click. He decided to go with ppc because it was a good compliment to his other marketing. PPC and direct mail go hand in hand.Not only that, but we wants to diversify his marketing in case direct mail becomes less profitable.

“With the combination of outbound (direct mail) and inbound (ppc) it was a really good yin and yang. And I want to be more prepared if the industry shifts more toward digital versus mailers.”

Vance is continuing to grow his business to serve his lifestyle goals. Vance is a perfect fit for our business because his values match ours. He wants to live his life by intention. He wants to live his life according to his vision. And our mission is to help him get there! Wholesaling is an amazing way to gain that financial and time freedom to achieve your life goals! What more can you ask for! Investors choose to add ppc to their business because it requires zero marketing management and overhead to be successful! If you’ve already got one channel, the next channel to add definitely would be ppc. It’s one of the easiest to add right in to your system.

$15k Right Away

Vance has been active with us since December of 2019. His goal was to double his money on his marketing costs. He scored 2 deals in the first 2 months of his campaign netting over $15,000!

Vance recently shared his vision board on Facebook and we encourage all of you to do the same! Be intentional about your life and use wholesaling to serve your dreams.

We are all about helping investors achieve their life dreams by providing them that financial and time freedom to make it happen! Wholesaling PPC is working on our first live event for our clients. We are going to make it in his area so we can cross off skydiving off of his list 🙂

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